Many people talk about outrageous eccentric sexual fantasies, and that’s ok, but that’s just not me. my colleagues at london escorts and I often have some interesting and sometimes even some disgusting discussions about the fantasies that our clients have told us about. Some of them make me laugh like one client apparently fantasises about having sex and having chocolate cake smeared all over his body as he cums. I seriously wonder about some of the clients at London escorts and their mental well being, in my mind I’m like that is such a waste of chocolate cake, he doesn’t even eat it after. Other clients have told us how they fantasise about having 20 million things done to them at the same time I don’t actually get it because at the end of the day how can you concentrate on actual penetration and sex and being in the moment and have one person scratching your back one person sticking something in your ass you jerking another person off whilst someone is licking your nipples! it’s all just too much it doesn’t sound like fun at all. But each to there own.  

What charlotte escorts fantasise about 

So on our nights off when the girls from London escorts get together we do often talk about the kind of fantasies that we have. I have to say I’m not the most boring one but I’m definitely not the most eccentric one. Ramona loves a little bit of heat and when I mean heat I don’t mean like temperature I mean like spice. She fantasises about having a spicy foods and spicy sauces dripped all over her partner and hearing him sip at how spicy and hot it is on his skin. Lilly she’s just crazy she likes to have sex in all sorts of different places the more risque the better for her I think she actually cums at the thought of having sex somewhere where she is not supposed to rather than because of the actual act itself. I’m nothing like these London escorts. My ideal fantasy is really romantic slow gentle and sensual. I want to be caressed and touched and whispered to. There has to be wine and clean sheets that are soft to touch. I want my man to lift me up kiss me gently placed me on the bed and touch me until he knows that I’m soaking wet and ready for him to climb on top and enter me. But it doesn’t stop there I don’t want him to just shove it all in I want him to tease me with it. I want him to just put the tip in and then take it out and then put it in a little bit further and then take out again and then unexpectedly fully enter me. The anticipation makes me so horny.  

Many of the sexy ladies at london escorts have a variety of fantasies and I’m sure some of their ideas have been influenced by their dates.  But I like my simple sensual fantasy and from all the fantasies I have been a part of this one is still the one that makes me orgasm the most